After Hours
The 2017 Mid-South Paranormal Convention is proud to announce an evening of magic and wonder with Reed & Ashton Masterson! Tickets for this fantastic show are $15.00 with your general admission ticket or $20.00 at the door. Go to to get your tickets now before they sell out!

Chip Coffey Gallery Reading !
Date: Saturday July 22, 2017
Eastern Standard Time: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
plus $3.00 handling fee
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This event has ended.

Exciting Mid-South Schedule !
Date: July 21-23, 2017
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Exciting Guest Speakers !
Date: July 21-23, 2017
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The OrbTones
Consisting of members, guests and public figures in the Paranormal Community! Every year, The OrbTones "kick off" the VIP Party and rock the house!
The "kick off" Party starts at 8 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on July 21, 2017!

No refunds will be issued.
We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any person for any reason.