The 2017 Mid-South Paranormal Convention is already promising to be a convention to remember and our biggest yet! The LGHS started the Mid-South Paranormal Convention over 16 years ago. We had only three guests on our roster the first year, and this year we already have WAY more slated to attend! Each of our facinating guests and speakers have different messages on various paranormal topics. This year's convention will have many different events during and after hours both Friday and Saturday. The annual kick-off party starts the fun, Friday July 21st at 8 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. And back again this year the ORB-TONES! They will take the stage at 9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. The ORB-TONES will be adding some well known players this year, also Chris Dedman will be DJ'ing the kick-off party Friday night. We have many different events lined up for the convention week end! Be sure to come back often and see what has been added and what new guests we will have joining us! Join us for what is promising to be a week end of fun, learning, friends and the paranormal communities biggest PARTY!
"Come on get your tickets! We dare ya!"

Exciting Guest Speakers !
Date: July 21-23, 2017
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The OrbTones
Consisting of members, guests and public figures in the Paranormal Community! Every year, The OrbTones "kick off" the VIP Party and rock the house!
The "kick off" Party starts at 8 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on July 21, 2017!

Exciting Mid-South Schedule !
Date: July 21-23, 2017
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No refunds will be issued.
We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any person for any reason.