Rick Hayes
Author/Psychic Medium/Life Consultant:
Founder of LifesGift, Inc.
Author of the books "Stepping Stones - Thoughts Along Life's Path" and "You're not Crazy, You Have A Ghost".
Featured in the docu-films "The Possessed" and "Soul Catcher".
As seen on "Children Of The Grave Two".

Deep South Paranormal
As seen on Syfy.

John Tenney
As seen on Paranormal State The New Class.

Bill Bean
As seen on the Discovery Channel series "A Haunting".
Star of the episode "House of the Dead".
Author of the books "Dark Force" and "Delivered".

Jim O'Rear
As seen on Biography Channel.

Eric Altman
Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.
Host/Producer: Beyond The Edge Radio.

Scott Tepperman
As seen on Ghost Hunters International.

Tim Maile
Founder/Lead Investigator: Fox Cities Paranormal Team
Station Manager: Z Talk Radio Network

Chris Nicoletti
As seen on Scream Paranormal.

Justin Libigs
Paranormal investigator from Relatively Haunted.

Justin Chase Mullins
As seen on Google TV, Mysterious World TV.
Author of the book "Paranormal Medium".

Willie "Windwalker" Gibson
Author of the book "The Shaman Windwalker".

Brian D Byers
Film maker, award winning director, animation director, professor of business media, animator, storyboard artist, special FX creator, post-production and motion graphics artist, children's book illustrator:
Involved with projects such as Spongebob Squarepants, Aeon Flux, Rescue Heroes, Curious George, Angela Anaconda, TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes, HASBRO, Barbie, Fisher Price, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network. Director and Producer at 4 Bees Media.

Paul Bradford
As seen on Ghost Hunters International.

John Zaffis
Paranormal Investigator/Demonologist:
As seen on "Museum of the Paranormal" (2010),
"John Zaffis: The World Within" (2010).
As seen on Haunted Collector.

Paul Browning
Paranormal Investigator:
Author of the book
"Thinking Outside the Box - Tips, Tricks and Tactics for the Paranormal Investigator".

Joe Chin
Paranormal Investigator:
As seen on Ghost Hunters International.

Jonathan Watts
Radio host & author.

David M. Rountree
Executive Director & Chief Science Advisor
S.P.I.R.I.T. LAB Research Team.
Member of the Audio Engineering Society,
The American Association for the Advancement of Science,
The Rhine Research Center and Co-Director of New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group.
Founder of the S.P.I.R.I.T. LAB.

Ron & Lori Coffey
Paranormal Investigators/Cryptozoologists/Authors/
Public Speakers/Radio & TV Personalities:

Deb & Nick Lantz
Mother and son Psychic Mediums:

Nick Lantz
Clairvoyant/Sensitive/Radio Personality/Lecturer/Researcher/Writer:
Founder and lead investigator of the group "Redemption Paranormal".

Deb Lantz
Freelance Psychic/Medium/Paranormal Investigator:
Author of the book "True Hauntings".

Tracy Ray
Director of Psychic-Medium-Empath Research.
Research Associate.
S.P.I.R.I.T. LAB Research Team.

Michelle Belanger
Founder of House Kheperu.
As seen on Paranormal State.

Mama Lisa Philips
Spiritual Advisor/Psychic/Medium.

Cassidy Rae
As seen on the acclaimed
Booth Brothers Reality Series.

Rosalyn Bown
As seen on Ghost Hunters Academy.

Dessa Blackthorn
Author of the "Deadly Dreams" books.

Sheena Metal
LA Talk Radio:
As heard on "Haunted Playground".

James Hampton
As seen in the fantasy comedy film, "Teen Wolf" (1985).

Ari Lehman
Played the famous role of the first Jason Voorhees, also known as
"Boy In The Lake",
in the horror film, "Friday the Thirteenth" (1980).
As seen in the Horror Rock Band, "The First Jason".

The Peculiar Art Of
Steven C. Gilberts.

Fans: The New Hollywood Moguls
A Gypsy Life Productions,
as they film their TV series.

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