Mid South Paranormal Convention!

From Keith Age

Host of

Spooked, The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium,

Children Of The Grave,

The Possessed,

The Haunted Boy

as seen on Syfy.

Thank You!

"I want to thank everyone who came out to this years Mid-South Paranormal Convention!
You made it a HUGE SUCCESS!

I also want to thank our guest speakers,

Tim and Trish Yancey,
Paul Browning,
Willie Windwalker Gibson,
Jonathan Watts,
Rob Johnson,
Shannon Sylvia,
Tiffany Johnson,
Patrick Burns,
Marley Gibson,
Rick Hayes,
Steven LaChance,
Dakota Lawrence,
Ari Lehman,
Aron Houdini.

To my two brothers in arms, The Booth Brothers, thank you for taking me on the journey we have been on and I'm looking forward to our new voyages,
and thank you for you guys coming and being the ROCK n ROLLERS that you are.
Our absent friends, who we wish nothing but the best for and love them to death,

Ed and Lisa Craft and Bill Bean.
They all wanted to join us this weekend but nature and other unforeseen events got in the way.
A big thank you goes out to Bill Southerland of
PMC, who again was a sponsor and supplied the ORB-TONES music gear.
A HUGE thank you to Mr. Rusty Ends for coming in at the last minute and played lead guitar for us, which was an awesome treat for me.

Tim Yancey for his usual brand of lunacy of music and percussion, Trish for her amazing vocals, Patrick Burns for joining us this year and doing an outstanding job on rhythm guitar,
Ron Cundiff for great vocals and harp playing. Together you made the
Thank you to all of our vendors. I hope you had great sales and we hope that if we do this again you will come back!
J.C. thank you for opening the doors to the
Morrison Lodge.
I have heard nothing but praises about your place and the investigation there the other night!
Thank you to all the radio and internet stations and DJ's that supported us, mainly
PARAROCK and Uber Radio.
Our webmaster Jeff at WebbyCities.
I also want to thank my crew the LGHS, ( The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society) for doing a fantastic job.
Mainly Rhonda Jurgenson who did all the Mid-South artwork and it KILLED!
Willie Shumacher, who really stepped up and filled shoes he didn't have to but did,
Rick Hendrickson who at the last minute literally changed his game plan and did a fantastic job.
JJ thank you for helping at the convention and the investigation.
Iíd also like to thank Michelle Ehlers, Michele Schumacher, Vickie Poloko, Bobby Tingle and Ron Cundiff.
There are a few people that need to be singled out though for their amazing dedication, help, going above and beyond the call and for just generally working their asses off.
First there is Daniel, who not only picked up the Head of Security this year but basically did anything and everything, usually before I had to ask for something to be done.
You donít know how much that meant to me or how much I appreciated it and thank you for bringing in Raven on security.
We couldn't have asked for anyone better, my hat is off to you sir.
Linda Petit, the LGHS Treasurer. Thank you for putting up with me and keeping me grounded and reminding me to 'keep it small'.
You did a wonderful job, even though I know it was stressfull.
To my Assistant Jennifer, I couldnít have done this if it hadnít been for your constant help and thoughtfulness and for basically being my right arm.
And last but not least my other Assistant Kelly, who made sure I did everything I was supposed to and not stress out too much and for being my left arm!
If I have forgotten anyone I apologize.
Thank you to everyone involved, whether behind the scenes or out in the public eyes."

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