Practical Application of Advanced Theories in EVP Research

with Michael Esposito

The class will include practical applications in advanced techniques based on Michael’s experiments and theories of EVP rooted in quantum physics, metaphysics and classical sound engineering. He and his partner, Heidi Harman work tirelessly to bridge the gap between hard and fuzzy science and the energy work of metaphysics. The workshop will cover theories, physical experiments and unique tools employed by the researchers.

Michael Esposito and his consortium Phantom Airwaves has studied and captured EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) for many years. The founder of Phantom Airwaves, he holds a Master’s degree in Communication Theory and several other degrees in communications. Michael’s work in EVP is more than simply an academic interest, it’s in his bloodline. Michael is a descendant of Alfred Vail, partner of Samuel Morse and inventor of the Morse code and Telegraph key. Some of the earliest EVP actually came through in Morse code. Secondly another of his ancestors, Jonathan Harned Vail, was an assistant to Thomas Edison for many years. Thomas Edison of course, spent the last decade of his life attempting to construct a device to communicate with the dead. Michael has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of unique theory and devised many unique experiments within the field of EVP.

Michael lectures and researches extensively throughout North America and Europe. His work is often found in conjunction with experimental and sound artists from Europe and the U.S.

Michael is signed with Touch Music out of London, England. His published works can be found on

Cost: $30.00

Time: 1pm

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